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equipment + couplings = quality results and cost-effective installations

Build faster, build better

Professional equipmentProfessional equipment


When you splice reinforcement bars the Hardman way:

1. The joint is as strong as our molded-steel couplers — and stronger at the splice than the reinforcement bar itself.
2. Our hydraulic equipment can be operated safely at temperatures from -40 to +120 F (-40 to +50 C).
3. Splice in vertical and horizontal positions, anywhere on your building even underwater!
4. Equipment can be operated by a single worker — full training usually takes about an hour.

A standard Hardman system includes:

Hydraulic station:

Work pressure: 700 bar
Requisite power: 1.5 KW/hour
Station weight: 45 kg
Station dimensions: 50x40x55


Compression force: 90 tons.

Die set:

Adjustable according to the size of connecting rebar needed.


For easy positioning of the press for connections anywhere.