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equipment + couplings = quality results and cost-effective installations

Build faster, build better:

building technology by Hardman-De

kaskaHardman’s unique molded steel reinforcement couplers and portable mechanical pressing system is a better way to build with monolithic reinforced concrete that offers a dramatic reduction in frame and building construction time, materials, and labor costs compared to other methods of rebar splicing and connection.

  • One set of equipment replaces 10 welders
  • On-site training provided - no specialized or craft workers required
  • Install up to 100 rebar joints in an 8-hour shift
  • Increase the reliability and structural strength of your building
  • Increase construction speed - finish faster, save time and money
  • Reduce environmental impact

We have been producing our molded steel couplers since 2008, in a full range of sizes. All couplers meet ISO 15835 international standards.

What we offer?

A comprehensive, full-service approach:

  • Couplers (sizes D16 - D40, or more sizes by special order)
  • Portable Hydraulic Pressing Equipment
  • On-Site Training (in less than a day!)
  • 24-hour technical and sales support
  • Replacement equipment and compressing couplers: always in stock.
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All the power of our technology on any island in the Philippines

gerb philippinesMore than 50 major projects were done since 2008 year. We are always ready for a mutually advantageous cooperation at new construction projects from residential building to a nuclear plant. All over the Philippines Republic.


Service regions


  • Metro Manila
  • Cebu
  • Davao
  • Cagayan de Oro
  • Angeles
  • Iloilo City-Guimaras
  • Naga
  • Bacolod
  • Baguio
  • Tacloban
  • Mindoro
  • etc.*


* Contact us to confirm support coverage and service options in the specific region.


Business arrangements


The stage of involvement may be different in your project. The couplers supply only. Or different types compressing machines and couplers. Technical support and advisory services. Documents execution assistance. Up to constructing the reinforced frames on your construction site by our team.


Our clients in the Philippines receive:


  • High quality equipment manufactured in Germany.
  • All necessary approval documentation in the Philippines.
  • Professional team and modern technology for a reasonable price.
  • Training of workers in any place around Philippines.
  • But the most important — full-strength, economically effective connection made within 5 minutes.

Concrete reinforcement joining, splicing and connection - without welding:
It's fast, requires no special training, and quality control is simple.

Mechanical splicing and reinforcement connection in any dimension:
 D 16
 — 3min./1 joint
 (±20 joints/hour)
 D 18
 — 3min./1 joint
 (±20 joints/hour)
 D 20
 — 3min./1 joint
 (±20 joints/hour)
 D 22
 — 4min./1 joint
 (±15 joints/hour)
 D 25
 — 4min./1 joint
 (±15 joints/hour)
 D 28
 — 5min./1 joint
 (±12 joints/hour)
 D 32
 — 7min./1 joint
 (±8 joints/hour)
 D 36
 — 8min./1 joint
 (±7 joints/hour)
 D 40
 — 8min./1 joint
 (±7 joints/hour)


Projects built the Hardman way: