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equipment + couplings = quality results and cost-effective installations

Build faster, build better:

building technology by Hardman-De

kaskaHardman’s unique molded steel reinforcement couplers and portable mechanical pressing system is a better way to build with monolithic reinforced concrete that offers a dramatic reduction in frame and building construction time, materials, and labor costs compared to other methods of rebar splicing and connection.

  • One set of equipment replaces 10 welders
  • On-site training provided - no specialized or craft workers required
  • Install up to 100 rebar joints in an 8-hour shift
  • Increase the reliability and structural strength of your building
  • Increase construction speed - finish faster, save time and money
  • Reduce environmental impact

We have been producing our molded steel couplers since 2008, in a full range of sizes. All couplers meet ISO 15835 international standards.

What we offer?

A comprehensive, full-service approach:

  • Couplers (sizes D16 - D40, or more sizes by special order)
  • Portable Hydraulic Pressing Equipment
  • On-Site Training (in less than a day!)
  • 24-hour technical and sales support
  • Replacement equipment and compressing couplers: always in stock.
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All the power of our technology around the World

More than 50 major projects were done since 2008 year. We are always ready for a mutually advantageous cooperation at new construction projects from residential building to a nuclear plant.

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Now with representation in the Philippines.




Now with representation in Peru.




For inquiries from another countries please fill up the general form.


Our clients receive:

  • High quality equipment manufactured in Germany.
  • Supply of couplers in any amount, within the shortest possible time.
  • All necessary documentation.
  • Professional team and modern technology for a reasonable price.
  • Training of workers and maintenance of equipment in any country.
  • But the most important — fully-strong and cost-effective connection made within 5 minutes.


Concrete reinforcement joining, splicing and connection - without welding:
It's fast, requires no special training, and quality control is simple.

Mechanical splicing and reinforcement connection in any dimension:
 D 16
 — 3min./1 joint
 (±20 joints/hour)
 D 18
 — 3min./1 joint
 (±20 joints/hour)
 D 20
 — 3min./1 joint
 (±20 joints/hour)
 D 22
 — 4min./1 joint
 (±15 joints/hour)
 D 25
 — 4min./1 joint
 (±15 joints/hour)
 D 28
 — 5min./1 joint
 (±12 joints/hour)
 D 32
 — 7min./1 joint
 (±8 joints/hour)
 D 36
 — 8min./1 joint
 (±7 joints/hour)
 D 40
 — 8min./1 joint
 (±7 joints/hour)


Projects built the Hardman way: