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equipment + couplings = quality results and cost-effective installations


Using Hardman couplings provides easy installation, perfect alignment of joined reinforcing bars, durability, and lower overall costs. And with no gas emissions, or wasted material, building the Hardman way is also environmentally friendly.

A welded overlap joint can be a weak spot. But testing of coupler-joined reinforcement bars have shown that under high stress, the bars themselves fracture before any damage appears on the coupled joint. In fact, a mechanically pressed coupling actually increases the breaking strength of the combined rods by 20-25%.

Quick and easy installation:

- one joint is made during 3-8 minutes

- no need for special preparation of reinforcement before coupling

- easy way to monitor joints

It allows the use of bars with maximum cross-section.

Couplings exclude the reinforcement thickening.

The strength of couplings outperforms the strength of structure base metal and provides a secure fit..

Mechanical joints are allowed to be used with reinforcing bars of any length, in any structures and are not limited by spatial position of bars joined.

High estimate of operational qualities of the couplings allows using them in reinforced concrete structures of enhanced responsibility, such as transport construction, high-rise and industrial buildings, including ones in seismic zones.

When designing, the reinforcement arrangement standards for welding shall be applied.