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equipment + couplings = quality results and cost-effective installations

Coupling the reinforcement is carried out using portable equipment.  The pace of works depends on the diameter of reinforcement and the spatial position of the joints.  Depending on the diameter of bars being joined, from 2 to 6 pressed couplers may be produced. We can also provide with a stationary equipment that can do coupling with only one press out, doesnt depend on the size of rebar/coupler.

Economic efficienc:

  • No need in high-skilled workers.

  • Direct construction site training.

  • One set of equipment per 1 shift allows producing 50-100 joints.

  • One set of equipment supersedes 5-12 welders.

  • Due to the acceleration of the construction pace, the overall costs are reduced.

  • Material costs are decreased by reducing the reinforcement being used.

  • Easy and quick fixing of reinforcement in an upright position, no additional devices are required.

  • Absence of X-ray inspection.

  • Ability to perform the work in the dark without disturbing the peace of the surrounding buildings.

Quick and easy installation:

  • One joint is made during 3-8 minutes.

  • No need for special preparation of reinforcement before coupling.

  • Easy way to monitor joints.

  • It allows the use of bars with maximum cross-section.

  • Couplings exclude the reinforcement thickening.

  • The strength of couplings outperforms the strength of structure base metal and provides a secure fit.

  • We guarantee that the cost of joining the valve mechanically, including labor, supplies, electricity and maintenance costs are lower than when using welding or mating reinforcement.

  • We guarantee that our technology can halve the construction time.

  • We guarantee the operation of the equipment in the temperature range from -50C to +50C (-58F to 122F)

  • We guarantee connection reinforcing rods under water (up to 10 meters).

  • We guarantee the supply of connection of reinforcement in the shortest possible time.

  • We provide a stationary equipment that can do coupling by only one press out for any size of rebar/coupler.