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Lviv International Airport

Renovation and additions.

With the city of Lviv preparing for the Euro 2012 European Football Championship, officials commissioned a renovation and expansion of the Lviv airport: A new paasenger terminal, control center, and support facilities; renovations to the main air terminal building; and a reconstruction and extension of the full-strength pavement (FSB) on the facility’s runways.

Builders Transbud and Atlis Holding, with less than six months to complete the work, turned to Hardman couplers for the necessary reinforcement on the project - their first experience with mechanical coupling after using welding methods on previous projects.

The two companies went on to use Hardman’s mechanical coupler technology in their next joint project.

Completed in 2010.

Hardman couplers utilized:

MZO 25: More than 4000

MZO 28: More than 7000

MZO 32: More than 9000